Past Events

An archive of previous events, with video recordings and photos where available.

Cultural Production and Studies in Post-Conflict Settings

The Nation, the Taliban, and Authoritarianism: Developments in Afghanistan

Constraints on Politics, Education, and the Economy: Dispatches from the Region

Turkey's Public Banks in the Last Decade and Authoritarian Statecraft: A Long Covid Case

A Methodological Reflection on Sexual Violence in the Zone of the Armenian Genocide

Islamism, Muslim Nationalism, and Muslim Populism: The Changing Faces of Political Islam

New Multilateral Development Banks in Turkey and Brazil: Green Lending vs. Business as Usual

Syrian Displacement: Exploring Questions of Violence, Digital Media, and Belonging

De-development, Political Violence, and Informal Control: The Kurds in Iran and Turkey

Hadith Legacy: The Content and the Social Network of Hadith in Islamic Intellectual History