Mansour Al-Maswari

Mansour Almaswari

Mansour Al-Maswari is a Yemeni researcher. He is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia Global Centers-Amman. He also serves as a faculty member in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Amran University, Yemen, and is an English news writer at Al Bawaba News.

With a career spanning 17 years, Al-Maswari has demonstrated skills in university-level teaching, research, translation, reviewing, and copywriting. His scholarly pursuits intersect the humanities and social sciences. His ongoing postdoctoral research delves into the nuances of cultural regeneration and the intricacies of belonging within contemporary Arab Gulf societies.

Al-Maswari holds a PhD in English Comparative Literature (2020), an MA in Political Science (2022), an MA in English (2014), obtained in India, and a B.Ed. in English from Sana’a University-Yemen (2007). He was awarded the Indian government UGC-Junior and Senior Research Fellowship (JRF-SRF), 2015-2019.

His interdisciplinary research interests encompass a wide range of subjects including but not limited to Comparative and World Literature, Postcolonial Literature, Middle East Studies, Gulf Society and Culture, Political Sociology in Yemen and the Gulf, Democratic Transitions, Digital Humanities, Media and Visual Art, Cultural Anthropology, Politics, Human Rights, and Gender Studies.

Selected Research Contributions

(2023) “Self and Other in the Yemeni TV Drama 2023: A Case Study of Al-Aliya.”

(2023) “Divided Loyalties in Yemen: Exploring the Impact of Political Identity Conflict on National Loyalty.” Qatar University.

(2023) “War on Walls: A Critique of Authoritarian Murals during Wartime in Yemen.” Columbia Global Centers-Amman.

(2023) Revisiting Arabia: Cultural Regeneration and the Question of Belonging in Contemporary Arab Gulf Societies (in progress).

(2019) “Dehumanizing Indian Labor Forces in the Arab Gulf States: When the Voiced is Silenced.”

(2019) “Sufism and its Literary Contributions in Yemen. Ahmed Ibn Alwan – A Model.”

(2017) “Quest for Identity in Season of Migration to the North and Song of Solomon: A Comparative Study of Mustafa Said and Milkman.”

(2017) “Arabs’ Fractured Oneness and the Split Identity in the Post-Arab Spring Era.”

(2016) Arab Youth and Culture Conflict.