Haroun Rahimi

Haroun Rahimi

Haroun Rahimi obtained his BA in Law from Herat University, his LLM in Global Business Law, and his PhD from the University of Washington. Rahimi is an Assistant Professor of Law and the Interim Chair of the Law Department at the American University of Afghanistan and a Visiting Professor of Law at Bocconi University School of Law. Rahimi's research focuses on economic laws, institutional reform, Islamic finance, divergent conceptions of rule of law in Muslim and modern thought, and religious authority. Rahimi's research has appeared in reputable local and international journals. He has also collaborated as an independent consultant with research firms and policy think tanks conducting policy research on institutional development and good governance in the South Asia context. At the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Rahimi worked on Islamic finance as a poverty alleviation strategy, the legal history of Afghanistan, and the ways that legal transplantation is legitimized in Muslim countries. Rahimi was also a visiting scholar at the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law in Rome. More recently, Rahimi was awarded the MESA Global Academy fellowship for the 2022-2023 academic year. 


Associate Professor and Interim Chair of Law Department at American University of Afghanistan

Recent Publications

Reform and Regulation of Economic Institutions in Afghanistan

Research Interests

Formal and informal trade and credit institutions, Islamic law, and different paradigms of modernity