Statement on Earthquakes in Syria, Turkey, and Kurdistan

MESA Global Academy

All of us at the MESA Global Academy are profoundly saddened by the devastating aftermath of the two earthquakes that struck southeastern Turkey and northwestern Syria. The more than 36,000 confirmed deaths as of today, the hundreds of thousands injured and displaced, and the incalculable destruction of infrastructure, property, cultural heritage, and much more represent losses that are unimaginable in their scale and depth. We extend our deepest condolences to all those in Syria, Turkey, and Kurdistan, including scholars and friends of the program, who are dealing with the impact of this tragedy and its aftermath. We stand in solidarity with you and offer our support at this difficult time.

Middle East Research and Information Project

Generational Dislocation and Academic Solidarity—Aslı Bâli on MESA’s Global Academy

Aslı Bâli, Arang Keshavarzian

The last ten years have seen a precipitous decline in conditions for academics across the Middle East. With campuses under literal fire in some places and extraordinary repression and authoritarian crackdowns in others, research, writing and teaching have become nearly impossible in many places.

CUNY Graduate Center

The MESA Global Academy Connects Displaced Middle East Scholars in a Time of Crisis

Mimi Kirk

The new joint initiative of the CUNY Graduate Center and the Middle East Studies Association, supported by Carnegie Corporation, offers an intellectual home for scholars from the Middle East and North Africa.

Cambridge University Press

The MESA Global Academy: Sustaining Knowledge Production Among MENA Scholars

Mimi Kirk

The Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Global Academy is an initiative that sustains research collaborations and knowledge production among regionally-focused scholars from the Middle East and North Africa and their counterparts outside the region. Spearheaded by MESA, the project is an expression of the scholarly field's commitment to scholarship in and from the region. By awarding scholarships to displaced scholars from the MENA region currently located in North America, and thereby enabling them to attend meetings, workshops, and conferences, the project supports individuals whose academic trajectory has been adversely affected by developments in their home countries.