The Nation, the Taliban, and Authoritarianism: Developments in Afghanistan

MESA Global Academy scholars Drs. Sharif Hozoori of Cornell University, Sayed Akhlaq of Marymount University, Homeira Qaderi of Harvard University, Haroun Rahimi of the American University of Afghanistan, and Omar Sadr of the University of Pittsburgh presented at the MESA Annual Meeting in Denver, December 4, 2022. Dr. Marya Hannun of the University of Exeter served as moderator and discussant.

Sharif Hozoori: Comparing the Taliban I and II’s Domestic Policy and Foreign Behavior through Cultural Aspects: Are They the Same?
Sayed Akhlaq: Afghan Nation Building and Missed Critical Elements of Unifying Ideology
Homeira Qaderi: The Republic, Art, and the Persistence of Misogyny in Afghanistan
Haroun Rahimi: Islam and Authoritarianism Under the Taliban
Omar Sadr: How Liberalism Failed in Afghanistan

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