Constraints on Politics, Education, and the Economy: Dispatches from the Region

MESA Global Academy scholars Dr. Ahmed Abdrabou of the University of Denver; Dr. Dina Hadad, formerly of Kuwait International Law School; Dr. Hamid Alawadhi of the University of Pittsburgh; Dr. Bengi Gumrukcu of Rutgers University; and Dr. Hossein Hafezian of Montclair State University presented at the MESA Annual Meeting in Denver, December 3, 2022. Dr. Laurie Brand of USC served as discussant.

Dr. Ahmed Abdrabou: Studying the Role of the Illicit Economy as an Alternative to the Social Contract in Libya, 2012-2022
Dr. Dina Hadad: Universities in the Arab Middle East: Educational Constraints and Pedagogies of “Absences”
Dr. Hamid Alawadhi: The Effects of War on Higher Education Quality in Yemen: Scholars’ Perspectives
Dr. Bengi Gumrukcu: Democratic Backsliding and Universities: The Case of Turkey
Dr. Hossein Hafezian: From Election with Limited Choices to Election Without Choices: The Rise of Electoral Authoritarianism in Iran

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